Welcome to the Irene Lipshin Photography website. I am a photographer and poet based in Northern California. 

I began taking pictures with a Brownie Hawkeye, almost before I could write my name. While I've graduated to SLRs, DSLRs, pocket cameras and my trusty iPhone, I still experience the excitement of discovering and making pictures, seeing the unique and often  everyday wonders through my viewfinder and lenses. I was captivated by the photos and styles of photographers  Dorothea Lange and Margaret Bourke-White. National Geographic and Life Magazine were great inspiration in my life as a young journalism student. 

I moved from the miracles of the darkroom to digital, experimenting and working with Photoshop and continuing to  play with alternative processes, both digital and traditional.  Yes, I do play with photography and have fun in the process. There are simple joys in the creation of a picture, especially when it tells a story, changes perspectives and widens horizons.  

My portfolio and collections include documentary photography and environmental portraits, weaving a tale and shooting through the eyes of a writer and poet. People, advocacy and social justice issues are frequent themes in my collections, which include images from here and abroad. Creating art for social change, by sharing images that inform and engage the viewer, complements my commitment  as an activist.  

I am a member of local and regional photographic centers and groups and have exhibited in    galleries and other venues in Northern California. I have also presented my photos on children's issues at annual, national early childhood conference advocacy workshops and locally in conjunction with the Season for Nonviolence.  

I hope my work speaks to you and introduces you to new people, places and ideas, as well as confirms that the world  needs our caring, protection and activism. 

Thank you for visiting. 

Irene Lipshin

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